Nervous? Here, have a cock!

Cheryl Conner - XXX MILF video
"Why am I here? To do something women like me aren't supposed to do!" said Cheryl Conner, a first-timer who says she loves watching baseball and reality TV shows and getting fucked in her tight little ass. To look at Cheryl, you'd never guess that she's the type to walk into a studio for the first time and open up all her mature holes. And if you saw Cheryl prior to her first photo shoot-this one-you might have wondered (as we did) whether she was too nervous to do a hot shoot.

Well, early in her scene, Cheryl tells her stud, "Let me taste your fingers so I can taste my pussy. I'm dying to taste that big cock."

And then she tastes that big cock and says, "My mouth is so wet." You've never seen a woman so hungry for cock. You've never seen a woman who enjoys it so much.

"I thought she might be too nervous when I first saw her," said our stud, "but when I stuck my cock in her mouth and then her pussy, she opened right up."

Well, you see, some ladies would rather do it than talk…

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