69-year-old Lacey West: Living the fuckin' life

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69-year-old Lacey West: Living the fuckin' life

"I just had a year-long relationship, and the guy was truly amazed that I treated him like a king," 69-year-old Lacey West told us. "He said no woman had ever treated him so well or did a few of the things I did for him. He flew down once a month for five days just to see me. I gave him anything he wanted and things he didn't even know he wanted anytime he wanted. Anything that included sex, of course. Hours and hours of fun, kinky sex, bubble baths together, showers together. I made him special foods, gave him manicures. I dressed very provocatively for him. He was thrilled when he saw men turn to look at me walk into a bar knowing I was with him and I was his."

Today, Lacey returns to suck and fuck James, who's young enough to be her grandson. She treats him like a king. He treats her like she's a queen. If Lacey were your woman, you'd do the same. Maybe you'd even cum all over her face.

Anyway, back to that guy Lacey was with for a year.

"What did he do for me? I think 30… Read More »
Featuring: Lacey West and James Angel
Date: May 15th, 2024
Duration: 29:59

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