Merlot and a creampie

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Merlot and a creampie

"I like to dress conservatively with a touch of elegant sensuality. But when the clothes come off, my inner slut comes out."

So says 71-year-old divorcee Katherine Merlot, who can be seen here sucking and fucking and getting her pussy filled with cum by a guy who's only 28.

"I've had sex with men in their 20s and 30s even before I came to your studio," Katherine said. "I've also slept with men in their 40s to 60s. I like them all, but the younger guys are the most intrigued by me. After a night with me, they always leave pleasantly surprised."

In this case, it's what her stud left behind: his cum.

"I don't quite understand why what you call a creampie is so forbidden," she said. "Don't most men cum in the woman's vagina when they have sex?"

Yes but not when they have sex on-camera. There's something very personal about it, and when Katherine opens up her pussy so we can see her just-creamed cunt, we can tell she knows she's being naughty.

"I was a video virgin before I came… Read More »
Featuring: Katherine Merlot and J Mac
Date: December 7th, 2023
Duration: 20:03

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Love seeing these nice mature ripe mature cunts getting pumped full of cum. Need more videos like this please ????????

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