Young cock for a 71-year-old

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Young cock for a 71-year-old

Romana is a 71-year-old mother and grandmother whose sexuality (and the way she bounces on a cock) reminds us a little of the great Georgette Parks. When you watch Romana sucking and fucking and getting her pussy eaten, you know she's totally into it, just like Georgette. She cums hard over and over again, just like Georgette. It's as if she's overcome by cock. The guy she's fucking is 40 years her junior, and you can tell he's really into Romana, especially by the way he eats her pussy.

Romana is from the Czech Republic. She's not a porn star. You won't find her on Twitter or Facebook. You might find her reading, maybe hanging out with her grandchildren. You won't see her at a swingers club or a nude beach. And if you see her out and about, she won't be showing off her hot body. She'll be dressed conservatively.

In other words, she's the woman-next-door, except she's different from most women in that she came here and did this for all the world to see. Now that's special. Read More »

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Featuring: Romana
Date: September 28th, 2023
Duration: 25:13

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