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Granny Videos » Mom, housewife, facialized MILF

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Mom, housewife, facialized MILF

Featuring Cheyanne Rivers
Date 08/22/2018
Duration 19:38 min.
"I'm not a wild person," said Cheyanne Rivers, a mother and housewife. "It amazes people that I do this. People I know. It's not something that a normal mother of three does, but most mothers of three aren't strippers. They've never been in a magazine. So I'm not the norm, but I'm not the abnorm. I'm kind of average in between. I guess I'm just used to doing what I'm doing. To me, it's just something I do that's fun and enjoyable." For Cheyanne, "something I do" includes getting fucked in the ass. Very normal.

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