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Jeri does a big cock

Featuring Jeri Does
Date 10/30/2019
Duration 17:43 min.
"I was really excited about doing my first boy-girl scene, but then I saw the size of the guy's cock they put me with," said South Carolina divorcee Jeri Does. "Then I started getting scared." No worries, Jeri. Our man is a pro, and he loves fucking mature women. He handles Jeri with care. Gets her pussy all wet and squishy before he shoves his cock inside. "I must admit, though, I had a hard time getting my mouth around his cock," Jeri said. "Usually I can deep-throat a guy, but him? No way! But once I got into it, it was very exciting. He didn't have to eat my pussy to get me wet. I was already soaked!" Jeri doesn't know if she wants to do this again or if it was a one-time thrill. "I enjoyed it, but I've never seen myself as a porn star," Jeri said.

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