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Mikela cures her boredom

Featuring Mikela Kennedy
Date 08/08/2018
Duration 34:17 min.
For most women, spreading their pussy during a magazine photo shoot would be enough. After all, how many women do you know who've bared it all for everyone to see in an international men's magazine or adult website? But for 43-year-old Mikela, it's not enough. She didn't start modeling because she wanted to show off her body. She started modeling because she wanted to get fucked by as much strange cock as possible. So it was no surprise that, in the middle of a photo shoot, Mikela announced that she was bored and went off looking for some cock. Which she found. And sucked. And fucked. Suddenly, Mikela's boredom was cured. "I'll take my sex any way I can get it," Mikela said.

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