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Wife and slut DayLynn Thomas, 50, looks so sexy with her big tits in see-through lingerie. She has a pierced pussy that she loves to play with for your jacking pleasure, and she keeps up a steady stream of fuck talk in this red-hot solo scene. 50PlusMILFs: When did you get the tattoo above your pussy? DayLynn: For my 50th birthday. 50PlusMILFs: So, you went to the tattoo parlor to get the tattoo on your pussy. The tattoo artist: male or female? DayLynn: Male. We told him what we wanted and would he be comfortable putting it in a private place, and he said he would be. He had a girlfriend, but he said, "It's not between your legs, so I can do it." And I have a piercing on my pussy as well. That guy had to get between my legs. He didn't have a girlfriend. Rules, rules! 50PlusMILFs: Was it turning you on when he was giving you the tattoo? DayLynn: It's a tattoo, so I can't say that it was a big turn-on, but the idea of getting the tattoo was a big turn-on because I have been married for 30 years and this is my tattoo for my master, so it is a turn-on that what I was doing was a permanent expression for my master that my husband will always see. 50PlusMILFs: It's a bit of a cuckold thing, isn't it? DayLynn: A little bit. 50PlusMILFs: Did the tattoo artist have a hard-on while he was giving you the tattoo? DayLynn: I couldn't tell, but for my piercing, he had never pierced a clit before, and we had 15 guys in the room. 50PlusMILFs: Why? DayLynn: They were other tattoo artists, people from the shop next to him. Just a collage of gentlemen who enjoyed the piercing experience. 50PlusMILFs: This could've been a great gangbang. DayLynn: It could have been, but that didn't happen. I was 23 when I had it done. It was something I really wanted.
51-year-old MILF and GILF Mandy Monroe is going to show you how she uses her toys. She has a bunch of them. Some of them are going to go in her pussy. Some of them are going to go in her ass. "My excuse to play and your excuse to watch," this beautiful, blue-eyed blonde says. Clearly, Mrs. Monroe (she's married), who was born in Utah and lives in Florida, is having a lot of fun at "Jack off to me right now," Mandy said. HomeAloneMILFs: Do you masturbate off-camera? Mandy: Only occasionally if hubby is gone for days. I prefer to wait for him or find a guy to take care of me. HomeAloneMILFs: What is sexy to you? Mandy: Pre-cum drives me wild. Doing anything that makes Hubby uncontrollably horny is a rush. I also love a confident man who knows what he wants and can bring that to the bedroom. HomeAloneMILFs: What was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Mandy: I would have to say it was the first time I went to an adult theater. I had no idea what to expect and was immediately surrounded by a large group of men who led me into a dark side room. They all lined up to take turns on me until I was exhausted. Then hubby took a turn and we finally left. A few didn't get a chance to fuck me but most did.
When this scene opens, 40-year-old Isabella Flames has just gotten home, and we have to wonder where she's been in the outfit she's wearing. We're not talking about her short skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels, although those must've generated boners everywhere she went. We're talking about her button-down shirt. It's white and extremely sheer. Isabella isn't wearing a bra and her big tits are 100% visible through it. Your editor actually once knew a redheaded MILF who dressed this way. She was a realtor in Miami and a very successful one, of course. Anyway, back to Isabella, who's home and horny and wants your cock. Yeah, your cock. But you're not there, so Isabella turns to her trusty toy and uses it to fuck her pussy. She gets off, and you'll get off. Isabella, who's divorced and grew up in Costa Rica, says she grew up in a conservative household. Obviously, that conservative approach to parenting didn't stick. "I've never been conservative myself," she said. "I'm very open-minded. When I was in my 20s, I was not in this shape. I was more chubby. I partied more and I didn't take care of my body until I matured. Then I started working out and feeling more confident with my body. I want to make the best version of myself." HomeAloneMilfs: What are your hobbies? Isabella: I love the beach and outdoors, traveling or just chilling at home and watching YouTube videos. HomeAloneMilfs: What kind of jobs have you had? Isabella: I've worked as an executive personal assistant and I am a public notary. HomeAloneMilfs: How often do you have sex? Isabella: Almost daily. HomeAloneMilfs: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Isabella: Assertive, for sure!