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Casey Bryant, a 44-year-old housewife from Georgia, walks into a clothing shop looking to buy a dress to impress her husband. But the dickhead behind the counter gives her a frumpy old-lady dress to try on. "I think this suits you better, age-wise," he says. Is this guy kidding? Has he taken a good look at the piece of ass shopping in his store? Casey's pissed, so she takes the frumpy dress into the dressing room along with a sexy red thing, and guess which one she tries on? The sexy red thing covers just about nothing, and just to be sure, Casey pops her tits out and waltzes out of the dressing room. Well, asshole behind the counter decides the frumpy dress really wasn't for her, after all. Now, at this point, Casey should walk right out of the store. Would serve him right. But Casey is horny. She wants some cock. And her tits are already out, so what the heck? Casey told us that her hubby likes talking dirty to her while she plays with herself, and we're figuring there's gonna be a lot of dirty talk in the Bryant household when he sees this video. "He's gonna want to fuck me immediately," Casey said. "I'm glad I have an open-minded husband. I think." She's going to find out, but either way, we get to jack. So the story will have a happy ending for us.
You know, sometimes we think we oughta have our heads examined. Here's Gigi Jewels. The first time she visited us, she said, "I decided I wanted a relationship, and that's why I moved to South Florida." So what do we do? We have her play a wife whose husband is cheating on her, fucking tramps all over town, as she puts it in the opening minutes of this video. Now, yeah, Gigi is only playing a role. But this is the kind of message we send to her? That husbands and boyfriends cheat, even on their hot wives/girlfriends? Not nice, gentlemen. Not nice at all. But then again, we don't want Gigi to get married or find a boyfriend. If she does, he might tell her to stop fucking for us, and that definitely wouldn't be nice. By the way, in this video, Gigi gets revenge on her fictional husband by fucking a fictional plumber. But his cock is real, and her pussy and dick-sucking mouth are real, so in the end, we all get what we wanted.
Note to men everywhere: If your sexy wife is home alone, sitting around waiting for you and all dressed up in sexy lingerie, aching to have her pussy stuffed with cock, DO NOT STAND HER UP. DO NOT CALL HER WITH SOME BULLSHIT EXCUSE ABOUT WORKING LATE. Especially if she's a hot-blooded Latina like Valery Lopez. Getting that phone call from her guy pisses off Valery, so what does she do? No, she doesn't run up to her room and rub one out. She grabs the first guy who comes along and practically tears his clothes off. Gentlemen, all we can say about this lady! By the way, in this video, Valery speaks Spanish, and about the only word we understand is "fuck." We understand perfectly, however, when she's sucking cock like a hungry wolf and screaming when she's getting fucked. Valery is from Columbia and now lives in Miami, Florida. She's married. She's a massage therapist. Yeah, we know: How can you make an appointment? Forget about that for now. Just rub one out for Valery. She'll thank you for it.
Wendy Raine, the 49-year-old busty wife from Virginia, is back to fuck again, in this P.O.V.-style scene. You can imagine it's your cock she's sucking and fucking. That's a great thing to imagine. In the end, after she's been thoroughly fucked, Mrs. Raine opens her mouth for a load of cum. YourWifeMyMeat: Would your friends and family be surprised to see you here? Wendy: Some would be very surprised while others would ask why it took so long. I think the ones who would be most surprised would be my family as they do not know the more risqué side of my life. What I do in the bedroom is not something that comes up at family dinners. My few close friends and my husband are the ones who know me the best and would be cheering me on from the sidelines. YourWifeMyMeat: Are you a swinger? Wendy: Yes, I am. I first was brought into the lifestyle by my husband. He wanted me to be pleased by other men with really big cocks. We started with couple swaps then took it to the next level with single guys. He found me younger guys with huge cocks who had the stamina to keep up with me. YourWifeMyMeat: Are you a nudist? Wendy: I wouldn't consider myself a nudist, but I do like to wear as little clothing as possible. YourWifeMyMeat: Have you ever had sex with a much-younger man? Wendy: Yes, all the time. My regular bull is 15 years younger than me. His stamina is amazing. Our record for a session is around six hours with water breaks. He is very passionate about my pleasure before his. I also have one who is about 25 years younger than me. He is not a regular but tends to my needs first. The younger guys always try to impress, so they do very well when it comes to pleasuring the lady.